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march 2002

twm-kiosk is a modified version of the twm window manager. The modifications allow the window manager to start an application upon startup and if the app askes for full screen with no titlebar then resize to cover FULL SCREEN. A new twmrc command option, KioskMode has been added to the window manager.
The enhancements include:

The need for all this arises from wanting to start a diskless X terminal in a kiosk mode and run a window manager without the need to login to the system, i.e start the window manager and GUI application from GDM or xdmcp or one of the other kiosk style setups floating around. Please note that you can also start the twm-kiosk window manager any way you choose.


BUILD twm-kiosk:

There is a twm-kiosk binary include in this package that was compiled on RH 7.1 and works there and on RH 6.2, so it might work for you also.

Run twm-kiosk as you would any windowmanager. xinit /path/to/twm-kiosk -- : 0

In the system.twmrc file add KioskMode, RandomPlacement and NoTitle. Together these specify that twm-kiosk should start in kiosk mode ( start specified application on startup of wm ) and resize the application by 25 pixels high an 10 pixels wide. This way if the specified application askes to start full screen it will cover the entire screen. Edit the /etc/X11/twm/ file to include the commands you want to be executed when the twm-kiosk wm starts.
Any instructions in the twm man page also applies to twm-kiosk.

The KioskMode command option, when used without the NoTitle command option specified, starts any application at screen position 0,0 and resizes the appliction started in the window manager by 10 pixels wide and 25 pixels high. When KioskMode and NoTitle are specified in the system.twmrc twm-kiosk will start an application specified in the at position 0,0 and resize it by 10 pixels wide and 25 pixels high. Also when both KioskMode and NoTitle are specified in the system.twmrc file twm-kiosk looks in the /etc/X11/twm/ script for an application(s) to start when the wm starts. Please note that KioskMode is best used along with the NoTitle and RandomPlacement commands and is pretty much useless if the RandomPlacement command is not specified.

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