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Mark Bradbury sends these instructions on auto login and fireup mozilla kiosk automatically. He has included his customized scripts. Get the kiosk-scripts.tar.gz here
  1. Add a user called kiosk
  2. As root untar the kiosk-scripts.tgz file and copy all but the inittab file into the kiosk users home directory there is a hidden file call .xsession
  3. This bit may not have to be done if I can find a way of making mozilla start up full screen; Log in as the kiosk user run mozilla and then make it full screen close mozilla and log off
  4. Install the mozilla kiosk skin
  5. cp the inittab file to /etc or just edit the current one and edit the line close to the bottom that says k:4:respawn:/home/kiosk/
  6. Test the setup by doing a telint 4 as root
  7. If all works well change the line that says id:5:initdefault: in the inittab file to say id:4:initdefault:
  8. You may want to take out some of the symlinks in /etc/rc4.d directory to make the system boot a bit faster

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