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The Kiosk Project is a kiosk system based on GNU/Linux that is simple and robust. There are special issues that need to be addressed in setting up a kiosk system. These issuses are the user interface, the windowmanger. This project is about assembling tools and information that can be used together to setup a kiosk system based on Mozilla technology and GNU/Linux..

Kiosk Browser

Kiosk Browser is an xul application that provides a chrome set for firefox and the custom kioskBrowser(Mozilla Firefox based) distro. The concept here is to have a browser that does nothing more than browse - no fancy features and locked down. Designed for a kiosk style system. Please read the kioskbrowser documentation listed below. There are a number of kiosk chromes prebuilt in the distro. It is possible to create new interfaces(chromes) for the kioskbrowser using the included modules(as dynamic overlays).

The kiosk browser works(tested) on all versions of mozilla and works(tested) on firefox versions up to There is also a full Kiosk browser distribution based on Firefox that has extra features that are not possible with an xpi alone, see the documetation wiki for details and downloads.

KioskBrowser documentation wiki
Virtualkeyboard xpi Good for entering text into forms on webpages from a touchscreen
gtoolbar.xml docs and download


twm-kiosk is customized twm window manager. Has enhancements that are designed for a kiosk environment.
twm-kiosk documentation

Kiosk setup infomation resources page

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